Team Affiliation: 
Instituto Superior T├ęcnico - Institute for Systems and Robotics
Type of Challenge: 
RoCKIn @Home Challenge
Short Team Description: 
The SocRob team has been representing ISR/IST since 1998 in the world's leading scientific event on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, RoboCup, as the application side of SocRob (Soccer Robots or Society of Robots) ISR/IST research project. Until 2013, the team's participation has encompassed Simulation, 4-Legged, Middle Size and Robot Rescue Leagues in several editions of the RoboCup World Championship and various regional RoboCup events, e.g., the Portuguese, German and Dutch Opens. With the current state-of-the-art capabilities, SocRob now aims to extend itself to another vibrant and extremely interdisciplinary league of RoboCup@Home. Given that the focus and goals of RoCKIn@Home are on the same lines as of RoboCup@Home, participating in the RoCKIn Competition 2014 would be an ideal opportunity for our team. Furthermore, SocRob@Home will also situate itself as a testbed for some of the research developed in the EU-FP7 project MOnarCH, which our university is currently coordinating and where most of our team members are also involved directly. Eventually, in MOnarCH, where the focus is on social robots that interact with children, visitors and staff in a hospital environment, the final SocRob@Home robot will be used as one of the robots. The broader goals of SocRob include motivating in young researchers the ability to work as part of an engineering team, to solve engineering problems of diverse types (from hardware to software, including wireless communications, navigation, control, electronics, computer engineering, software engineering), to integrate contributions from modern Information and Communication Technologies (e.g., networked robot systems require a mobile wireless network with robots, off-board computers, external sensors) and to ensure a background that opens doors for future bright multi-faceted engineers or engineering researchers.
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