Team Affiliation: 
Intelligent Autonomous Systems Laboratory, Department of Information Engineering, University of Padua
Type of Challenge: 
RoCKIn @Work Challenge
Short Team Description: 
The IASLab@Work team is a newly created team composed of members of the Intelligent Autonomous Systems Laboratory, University of Padua. The activity at IAS-Lab concerns the study of several fields of Robotics: computer vision, humanoids and wheeled robot programming, virtual simulation, biomechanical model based on human biosignal and wearable robots design for rehabilitation purposes. The main goal of the IASLab@Work team is to successfully participate in the RoCKIn@Work competition, while involving graduate students so that they can improve their skills in the field of mobile robotics. One original contribution of IASLab@Work is a new, custom built, calibration infrastructure, that enables to accurately calibrate heterogeneous sensors: this module will be exploited to improve results in the multi-sensor object recognition and localization task.
Team Description Paper :