Watermelon Project

Team Affiliation: 
University of León
Type of Challenge: 
RoCKIn @Home Challenge
Short Team Description: 
The team, called Watermelon, is made up by five members, four from University of León and one from Rey Juan Carlos University both universities in Spain. The team uses an economically affordable robotic platform called MYRABot and it is one of the main team contributions to this competition. We believe that our platform can be used as a starter platform for robotics researchers that want to take part in robotics challenges such as Rockin for a feasible amount of money. We have improved some hardware characteristics in MYRABot since the last RoCKIn camp: the platform has new batteries, new computer and the hardware for verbal human robot interaction. On the other hand the team have been working on a high level software architecture adapted for the platform for taking part in robotics competitions, a dialogue system and finally we have adapted the MoveIt! software for managing our arm.
Team Description Paper :